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During the 1980's Mark Epperheimer uses the booming economy in Southcentral Alaska to build his company into a thriving quality contractor, gaining equipment and the knowledge for the growing need of corrosion control. In 1993, Epperheimer Painting & Sandblasting incorporates and business grows and diversifies into the North Slope market. Employing as many as 70 local craftsman at one time during plant shutdowns and ongoing maintenance painting projects through the 90's. Tough market conditions with the drop in oil prices in the late 90's drove Epperheimer Inc. to scale down and ride out the storm... In 2010, Epperheimer scales back up with the addition of Kevin Epperheimer as Coatings Manager / Estimator and in 2014, Jeff Epperheimer joins as Business Manager and the company diversifies and begins 3rd party NACE Inspection work for the local market in addition to the existing services provided.

Epperheimer Inc. has provided work in many areas of Alaska including Western Alaska, Central Alaska and many North Slope projects. The Epperheimer family members have all contributed to the success of Epperheimer Inc. and have helped us become well known for the quality of work we provide.

Epperheimer Inc. provides the Industrial and Marine market with; maintenance painting crews in process facilities to mitigate corrosion, shop facilities for new fabrication and rework coatings, tank linings, structural steel coatings, pipeline repair work and NACE Coating Inspectors for quality control. 

We are currently completing between 150-200 projects yearly between our shop and field operations.

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