NACE Inspection

Coating Assessment

There are many ways a coating can begin to fail and we know why.  Let us analyze a coating for you to determine why it may be blushing, sweating, chalking, cratering, pinholing, discoloring, blistering, cracking, flaking, delaminating or showing signs of any discontinuity.  We can determine what type of corrosion is taking place and the severity along with the factors that influence the rate of corrosion. Our knowledge of coatings since 1980 along with the instruments, evaluation standards, technology, software and certified inspectors we have on board can give maintenance planners an idea of what steps are next to be taken and ways to mitigate coating failures in the future.

Reporting Documentation/Technology

Our inspection documentation and technology offers the best tracking throughout the entire duration of a coating project. From pre-work surface conditions to holiday detection reporting, the software we use is the most professional platform database in the industry.  Our documentation is stored in an electronic file database that can be accessed at any time for clients who wish to know of any details about a project that we completed for them in the past.

Quality Assurance & Control Program - Shop & Field Services

To ensure quality on ALL of our work, we inspect at all hold points of a customer specification to ensure that proper steps are taken.  Our customers can sit at ease knowing their work is being done the way it should be.  The longevity of our work is what keeps our customers coming back.

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