Our Work

Furie Operating Alaska LLC/ Onshore Production Facility - Nikiski, Alaska

Conam Construction subcontracted Epperheimer Incorporated for the coating portion of the Furie Onshore Production Facility.  Shop coatings consisted of nearly 4,000 lineal feet of pipe as well as the entire pipe rack and structural supports at the facility.

Cook Inlet Energy/ Drilling Rig 36 - Nikiski, Alaska

Epperheimer Incorporated was awarded the coating contract to complete the reburbish coatings of approximately 75% of Rig 36.  Services included sandblasting and coating renewal on the derrick, substructures, windwalls and more.


Hilcorp Alaska LLC - 200' Tank Top Coatings - Drift River, Alaska

Hilcorp awarded us the coating contract for recoating two of their in service 200' diameter tank tops after ash had ruined the previous coatings from the volcano at Mt. Redoubt.  Work included detergent washing, brush blasting, applying one coat of epoxy and applying one coat of polyurethane.

Cook Inlet Marine & Cruz Marine/ Barge Coatings - Homer, Alaska

We completed a complete refurbish sandblast & coat on Cook Inlet Marine's "Lash 200" and Cruz Marine's "Innoko" barge.  These barges were pulled up via air bags and blocked up off the ground.  We fully contained these during blasting & coating operations.  Above the water line, each barge received an inorganic zinc rich coating, two coats of multipurpose marine grade epoxy, and one coat of urethane top coat.  Below water line received two coats of epoxy and two coats of antifouling.  Each unit was completed within two weeks. 

American Marine / Shamrock Dive Vessel - Seward, Alaska

We did a complete reburbish on the Shamrock.  Work was completed at Sewards Marine Industrial Center in February 2014.  We completely enclosed the Shamrock and controlled climate throughout blast and coating process.  We plan on the vessel staying protected for a long time!

City of Homer / Dock Cranes - Nikiski, Alaska

We are in the process of completing the rest of the coating reburbishments on all of the cranes on the Homer City Dock.  All components and boom extensions were blasted internally with our internal blasting devices and received full coating systems inside and out. 

Hilcorp Alaska LLC / Drilling Mud Tank - Nikiski, Alaska

Epperheimer, Inc. was awarded the coating refurbish on an old tank that was re-fitted for use.  We had 3 days to complete external and internal coatings to specification.  We can make old things new again..... fast!  Check before and after photos.

Hilcorp Alaska LLC / Degasser Skid - Nikiski, Alaska

Here is another unit completed at our blast and coating facility in Nikiski for the Hilcorp Drilling department.  This job was completed on time and under budget.  Check before and after photos.

Conoco Phillips / Test Separator Vessel -  North Slope/Alpine, Alaska

We were awarded and completed the rework on a pressure vessel at Conoco Phillips' Alpine Operations on the North Slope of Alaska.  Coatings were applied according to specification and customer was provided with all documentation from our NACE Certified Coating Inspection department.

Hilcorp Alaska LLC - WWTP Tank Coating - Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

This tank was inspection blasted in order for structural repairs to be made.  This tank had 6 compartments within the one tank.  It was final blasted after repairs to a near-white metal blast and coated to specification. 

XTO Energy/  Onshore Crude Oil Tanks - Nikiski, Alaska

Epperheimer was awarded the coating contract for completing external and internal coatings for three new crude oil tanks and associated connection piping.  All logos, decals, hazard signs were also created and applied with our dedicated sign shop department.

XTO Energy/ Helideck Non-Skid Resurfacing - Cook Inlet, Alaska

We were contracted to resurface the helidecks on two of XTO Energy offshore platforms.  Work includes removing rubberized undercoat, applying epoxy primer and non-skid coating, and applying stencilled layouts.

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