Low & High Pressure Water Blasting

Many of our marine customers use us to simply clean their ship or vessel to give them better performance on the water.  Other customers have us water blast for surface preparation prior to coatings.  The use of our low and high pressure water blasting systems each have their own particular use.  Call us today to discuss your project!

Media Blasting With Water Injection (Slurry Blasting)

Some environments and public areas require the need for dust control.  Our production rates do not fall far when we wet blast and we can contain almost all dust hazards. Concerned about flash rush? We can use rust inhibitors to prevent the occurence of surface rust prior to coating application.  We understand the process of doing this work and how to mitigate the prevalent environmental concerns of today.

Antifoulings & Marine Coating Systems

Epperheimer, Inc. has been serving the Alaska Marine market since 1980.  We have the best surface preparation and coatings techniques to protect against corrosion in the salt water environments in Alaska.  We offer below water line antifouling coatings which slow the growth of subaquatic organisms on a vessel and give a ship the flow through water performance and durability it needs to last a long time.  We know marine coatings require precise timing of application, and we offer quick turnarounds for the marine industry which is why we are the best resource to perform your work.  We offer our services all throughout Alaska at many of the major service ports.  We work within your budget!

Non-Skid Deck Coatings

Conditions on walking and working surfaces have been major causes to many work place indicents and injuries.  Have us compliment your walking/working surfaces with a non-slip/skid coating system!

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